I've used everything from cameras to vector programs to create art, branding materials, and more. It's all right here.
A small but growing library of stories, articles, and other written work I've created.
At a few people's request, I've begun taking requests for commissioned art, writing, and editing.


I'm a graphic designer and writer/editor working in advertising sales. I've been developing my graphic design skills since college (2012) and my writing since forever ago (probably 2008). I've also had the opportunity to learn some illustration, web design, and through my current work, sales/marketing tactics.

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing in the summer of 2015. In February/March 2016 I published my debut novel, A Package of Moods. Since then I've been working on a few other projects. I've had the fortune to design a few websites as a freelance designer and in 2017 I joined a volunteer group by the name Worldbuilding Magazine. I have worked with this international team of artists, writers, and editors since their second issue release. Through this group, I've developed many new pieces of artwork and writing, as well as assisted in editing, interviewing, and marketing strategies. In addition, in 2018 I joined a relatively new game development team. Smunchy Games is creating a collection of fantasy and science fiction tabletop games, and a small card game that I created is among the many projects.

Most recently, I've been working full time in advertising sales & marketing solutions for a local group in my home town. When I'm not at the office or making calls, I'm often working on projects for the magazine, my personal writing, or whatever else comes up!